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The Tiny Hummingbird, Starts The Day
They Know He Is A Sweet Little Gem
The Hummingbird Trusts Me
Audio Poem Click to Listen - The Hummingbird Trusts Me

A Poem About Hummingbirds

Audio Poem Click to Listen - His Song is a Sweet Melody
Or read the Poem:

His Song is a Sweet Melody

A cold and windy morning
Seems to have come our way

Overcast and dreary
Begins this autumn day

The changing season is apparent
You can tell
From the amount of sunlight

Gone are the long days of summer
Darkness comes earlier each night

The Hummingbird is singing
High up in the tree

It is easy to see his silhouette
His song is a sweet melody

Having more than one feeder
Helps to sustain the Hummingbirds

With territorial behavior
Lots of chattering can be heard

In the West
Hummingbirds visit all year long

Filling the feeder during the winter
Will help to keep them strong

Connie S. Soto
October 04, 2010

Momma & Baby Hummingbird
It looks like baby is hungry

Warning Call From the Hummingbird

The Coopers Hawk has been relentless this year.
He should have flown south but stays to dine
on my wild birds that come to eat in the yard.
The Hummer flies high and warns the other
birds that he is in the yard.

The Coopers Hawk Balances on Small Branches

A Poem For Dad - To Understand The Why
A Poem For Family - Old Fashioned Remedy
A Poem For All Time 1914 - I See You Smile

A Short Poem - Find Our Way
A Poem - To Deceive

Poems About Life:

Simply A Matter Of Choice
Pink Slips Are Coming Any Day
Impending Doom
Treasure It More

Poems from the field:

Poem - Golden Eagle

Audio Poem Click to Listen - For All the Little Things
Or read the Poem:

For All the Little Things

We have spent our life together
We would not have it
Any other way

I am glad you are always near
It comforts me
More than I can say

You hold me close
If I am sad
You warm my heart
When you hold my hand

For all the little things
You always do for me
They count more than you know
I am glad that you love me

Connie S. Soto
February 2, 2010

Audio Poem Click to Listen - Vger, My Sweet Little Kitty
Or read the Poem:

Vger, My Sweet Little Kitty

I feel this love for my kitty
Who has been with me for years
I do not want to be without her
As she ages
It brings about that fear

I took her to the doctor
This bleak and dreary night
I hoped my love for her
Could give her the strength
So that everything
Would be all right

We would like a little more time
My sweet little kitty and me
She is more important
Than I can say
She is part of my family

I treasure the time
I have with her
I know that she loves me
In my arms she always purrs
So happy to be with me

Connie S. Soto
March 28, 2010

Audio Poem Click to Listen - Learning is What we Do
Or read the Poem:

Learning is What we Do

It is important to us
As individuals that
We feel valued

When we do not feel valued
We feel anxious
Vulnerable and discouraged

Learning is what we do
Because we are human
We know that it is true

A little effort everyday
Is sure to help us
To find our way

It is a natural desire
To seek comfort
From one another

A little love can provide
A little commitment
To each other

Our emotions and our intellect
Guides the choices
That we make

Focus with objective thoughts
Provides attention to detail

Choices from this process
Helps us all
So that we can prevail

Connie S. Soto
May 10, 2010

Enjoy Your Loved Ones Everyday!

Audio Poem Click to Listen - Keeping Them in Your Heart
Or read the Poem:

Keeping Them in Your Heart

As humans it is inevitable
That we will experience loss
Even though what we feel is individual
It always takes time to react to the loss

It is a fact
Humans constantly experience change
After a loss
Nothing will be the same

A broken heart
Is filled with pain
Learning to live with the void
Is quite a strain

What we took for granted
Is no longer there
We adjust, we adapt
A new way to live
Is here

Even though death is
A natural part of life
We are naturally resilient
Even though it causes strife

Feelings of intense yearning
Where you know life will forever change
To be without them
The emptiness feels strange

To come to terms
Is what you have to do
Keeping them in your heart
Is important too

Connie S. Soto
August 30, 2014

Click to see how Nova was rescued as a kitten
In the Gallery of Babies

Kitty Rescue Poem - Abandoned in a Field

Click on the Zebra Finch or Keyka
To find the Gallery of Babies

Zebra Finch and Other Babies - Gallery of Babies

Keyka Zebra Finch DOB Sept. 10, 2012 - Gallery of Babies

Finch Babies in a Nest of Dove Feathers

A Poem About Hawks

Audio Poem Click to Listen - A Sparrow Hawk
Or read the Poem:

A Sparrow Hawk

An American Kestrel
Is what they mostly call
This hawk today

A Sparrow Hawk
For this smallest
Falcon of prey

The Kestrel usually hunts
In an open field
It can hover
Using rapid wing beats
Scanning the ground
For a meal

Courtship dives
Are a common display
Bringing her food
Is another way

This brilliant colorful
Bird of prey
Chooses a mate
For a lifetime stay

Connie S. Soto
September 26, 2010

Audio Poem Click to Listen - Damp and Dreary
Or read the Poem:

Damp and Dreary

The wild birds are late today
The stormy night
Has kept them away

They must be
Snuggled up keeping warm
Soon they will
Have to brave the storm

The rain fell hard
The wind was howling
The damp and dreary
Cold was chilling

It has rained for several days
There will be no sun
Again today

Connie S. Soto
March 20, 2011

Audio Poem Click to Listen - We are Energized by Motivation
Or read the Poem:

We are Energized by Motivation

Purpose is part of being human
It is more important
Than you might imagine

Curiosity is a natural tendency
That gives you determination
To have purpose
Is to have motivation

Our instincts are not conscious
We naturally thrive on challenges
We are energized by motivation
This works to our advanatage

Autonomy matters
For purpose and survival
Goals and intent
Are used for approval

The need to know the goal
To be accomplished
Helps to understand the purpose
That is established

To understand behavior
Which comes from human needs
Is to understand the purpose
Which can put you at ease

Environmental factors
Sometimes prevents success
Very often they cause
Humans a lot of stress

Rewards may be tempting
They tend to stifle humans in the end
They do not help you to learn
Encouragement with interest
Is a better trend

Focused energy with interest
Creates the ability to act
With your own free will
Success is where it is at

Connie S. Soto
April 25, 2011

VinneyV Sings Happily

Audio Poem Click to Listen - Common Sense
Or read the Poem:

Common Sense

Whether behavior is because
Of what we want or what we know
Or whether it is because
Of what we think others want or know

Common sense is the result
Of basic ability to understand
It is what you believe to be true
Of what nearly all other people understand

This shared perception
Fits with social expectations
The majority of people believe in common sense
It was not attained by any special education

Common sense from yesterday
May not be pertinent
It may be bias passed along from each generation
Or from hindsight from yesterday

Experience and sound judgment
Makes a person reliable
Being practical with common sense
People view them as credible

When you hear someone say
Don't you have any common sense today
Think of it this way

It is either what we want or what we know
Maybe it will be discounted
Or left for tomorrow

Connie S. Soto
April 07, 2019

Creativity is Key

Audio Poem Click to Listen - Giving Your All
Or read the Poem:

Giving Your All

To settle for less
Will never do
Creativity is the way
To make dreams come true

Laughter can help
So we can rest
Giving your all
Helps to make life the best

Connie S. Soto
January 16, 2018

Trees and Plants Are Vital

Audio Poem Click to Listen - A Feeling of Peace
Or read the Poem:

A Feeling of Peace

Leaving troubled days behind
Is a must
Life is always changing
Nature is closely connected
To us

Have you heard
That the earth is called
A green planet
Do humans take trees and plants
For granted

Trees and plants
Provide food, clean air and water
Without them life would not exist
Caring for them really
Does matter

Sitting in silence
Under a tree
Might be the solace
That we need

A slight breeze
Fills the air
A feeling of peace
Can be found there

One day at a time
Live like there is
No tomorrow
Seek a little tranquility
Without any sorrow

Connie S. Soto
May 09, 2018

Family Time Together is Important

Audio Poem Click to Listen - Family Is Forever
Or read the Poem:

Family Is Forever

A sense of belonging can happen
Even when life is complicated
Quality time together
Makes us feel connected

Without distractions
Family time together can develop trust
A strong family bond
With a support system is a must

Working together
Helps manage your time with one another
A positive attitude
Teaches values and encourages each other

Differences are important
Individuality makes us unique in every way
There is no pressure to be the same
It is vital to listen to what they say

Memories are created
Each time you get together
The concept of families always change
Hopefully for the better

Family time together
Bonds you in a special way
Family is forever
Today and everyday

Connie S. Soto
December 16, 2018

Take Time For Your Furry Friends
And/Or Your Feathered Friends

Audio Poem Click to Listen - To Care For Our Furry Friends
Or read the Poem:

To Care For Our Furry Friends

Some people think
Their pet is an integral
Part of the family
Our ancestors were
Hunters and gatherers
Pets were not part
Of their biology

It is not obvious why we bond
With our furry friends
In society it is still not universal
From end to end

We are a social species
Who seek affection
Why not share a little love
With our furry companions

Do our pets manipulate us
For food and affection
Do we love them and
Give them hugs and attention

They are completely
Dependent upon us
They are loyal and
Can combat loneliness

If you ask the question
Why someone has a pet
You can be sure
A bunch of different answers
Is what you will get

People feel a strong attachment
To their pets
Upbringing or genetics
Can be why
We keep our pets

Sometimes it can
Fill a void
To care for our furry friends
Perhaps it is simply
Because we derive comfort
From them

Once a bond is established
With our pet
Unconditional love
Is what we will get

Connie S. Soto
June 12, 2019

In Memory of Silvy
April 3, 2003 - August 15, 2015

Remember The Important People in Your Life

Audio Poem Click to Listen - A Certain Amount of Corruption
Or read the Poem:

A Certain Amount of Corruption

Despite how some people use
Unethical means to achieve success
A person with a strong sense of morality
Can resist unethical requests

The dynamics of social interaction
Influence social status
The means for acceptance
Is not automatic

Power is used to influence
The behavior of others within a society
Certain behavior is essential
For the survival of the society

People with authority
Use knowledge as a source of power
Power is never static
Someone with power
Will feel a need for more power

The reason for risk acceptance
Can be power or personal gain
Guilt on the other hand
Can be a reason to refrain

Power is used to influence
The behavior of others
It is all about having the authority
To control and intimidate one another

Rewards and no punitive action
Can change people's motivation
Acceptance within a society
Can influence acts of corruption

Personal recognition is psychological
It is sought after even within a corrupt society
The culture within this type of society
Can influence judgment and morality

If unethical behavior becomes normal
Rules and procedures are disregarded
Corruption although risky
Can become rationalized

The corrupt have a tendency
To place themselves above others in the society
Together they ignore the needs
Of the greater community

Unhappy people are susceptible
To corruption as a way of belonging
They feel it is a means for happiness
Using power without the need for improving

Happy people resist change
Because change may reduce their happiness
It is a typical misconception
That power brings people happiness

Unethical compliance is unlikely
When individuals have a strong sense of morality
When a decrease of corruption occurs in a society
An increase in wealth can become a reality

Corruption is explained as strategic, self interest
But lacks information processing and decision making
Basic integrity standards
Can improve decision making

If motivation is lost
Members will stop cooperating
They will no longer be accountable
As their loyalty will be changing

Anyone that presents new ideas
Can threaten insecure leaders
Corruption within a society
Can be a sign of moral decay and failure

Respect and good leadership
Can help stop corruption
Less dependence and self worth
Can help resist any unethical temptation

To be loyal within a society
Provides recognition that feels personal
The need for acceptance
Is normal

It is known that a certain amount of corruption
Is tolerated in human society
Laws are made to keep peace
Within the society

Does this mean
A certain amount of corruption
Is needed to have a successful society
Can we live up to our potential
With a balance of self control and equality

Connie S. Soto
May 26, 2019

A Doodle Drawing!

Audio Poem Click to Listen - I Wonder Why
Or read the Poem:

I Wonder Why

I wonder why
The sky is blue
Often it looks grey
In the morning dew

I wonder why
The grass is green
I wonder why
A sunset feels serene

I wonder why
The stars do twinkle
Wishing upon a star
Is quite simple

I wonder why
Lightning strikes
It plays havoc
Down the turnpike

I wonder why
Birds can fly
You can find them on a fence
Or in a tree up high

I wonder why
The sun does shine
Life is better
Than just fine

Connie S. Soto
September 02, 2019

Change is Inevitable in Life!

Audio Poem Click to Listen - Evolve Along Side of Technology
Or read the Poem:

Evolve Along Side of Technology

The last major change in society
Was the industrial revolution
Trade, the development of machine tools, steel making,
New Manufacturing and the textile industry
Using new methods for production

This only names a few
Because somehow everyone's daily life
Was being impacted in some way
For the first time in the Western world
A person's standard of living
Grew better everyday

An increase in automation and Artificial intelligence
Will be the next major change
Human labor will be replaced
Cost is an incentive for businesses to change

Many things will become obsolete
As changes become common place
Robots, drones and automated vehicles
Will do the work for some of the things they replace

Humans are only limited
In the potential of what can be
By creativity and our imagination in what we choose
As we change and evolve along side of technology

Will we remember to take time
To put our electronic gadgets away
To enjoy Mother Nature
In all her glory each day

Connie S. Soto
September 15, 2019

Enjoy Mother Nature Every Chance You Get!

Audio Poem Click to Listen - Make Time For Reality
Or read the Poem:

Make Time For Reality

When you see people gather
At social events
Over their phones
You find their heads are bent

It didn't take long
To transform how we communicate
Is the content we encounter enough
To intellectually stimulate

Are having casual acquaintances
In the virtual world
Really better
Is it suppose to be a way
To bring us together

Do we hide our true self
Or do we really engage with each other
In social media isn't the definition
To share and create with one another

We create an aspiration of our self
As a need for recognition
Learning how it impacts us
Is still psychologically
A matter of discussion

Does electronic gadgets
Isolate us
Real meaningful relationships
Along with self-awareness
Is a plus

To be on line
Affects our behavior
Interests in common
Makes return visits much greater

Does on line activities
Make our relationships suffer
Do we tune out and sacrifice
Real conversations with one another

The quality of connections on line
No way substitute for real interaction
It is important to balance technology
No matter what the situation

Protect your privacy
Embrace technology
Do not miss out
Make sure you make time for reality

Connie S. Soto
September 26, 2019

Listen To The Songbirds Sing

Audio Poem Click to Listen - The Robin Is a Popular Bird
Or read the Poem:

The Robin Is a Popular Bird

The Robin is part
Of the thrush family
They are beautiful songbirds
Quite naturally

In length
The Robin is about ten inches
If you measure the wing span
It is about fourteen inches

Robins sing
Most all year round
They begin their song
In the early dawn

The female Robin
Builds her nest
Both parents raise the young
By doing their best

Once the young have fledged
Typically half survive
If they migrate south
October is when they arrive

They eat insects and worms
Throughout the summer
They switch to fruits
For the winter

Juvenile Robins
Are brown at first
Once they molt
The red feathers burst

The Robin is active
Most of the day
They create a flock
As they sleep the night away

The Robin
Is a popular bird
World wide
It's beautiful song is heard

Connie S. Soto
October 27, 2019

There Is No One Like You!

Audio Poem Click to Listen - Live Up To Your Own Values
Or read the Poem:

Live Up To Your Own Values

Why not be different than someone else
There is no one like you
To be unique can liberate us
From the fear of acceptance and
Being judged too

As children growing up
We often want to please
When we reach adulthood
Independence is what we'll be

Do you continue to make choices
Upon what other people want you to do
Do you neglect to listen
To your core values too

It is not selfish to be true to yourself
Your principles and values
Means you should be true to you
No matter what
Always believe in yourself
Success will come to you

Our sense of self can influence
The security you feel within
Other people's opinions should not impact
Your self-worth for anything

Personal fulfillment can come
If you accept yourself
Flaws and all
Self-awareness and open to improvement
Keeps you on the ball

Let others accept you
For you
Do not base your self-worth
Upon what they say or do

When you gain self-esteem
External validation disappears
Self-acceptance means we are true
To ourselves as we overcome our fears

Listening to your feelings
Is usually right and helps you see
Do not act against your true values
Lying only covers up insecurities

Live up to your own values
Live up to who you are
If you do
You will be happier
By far

Connie S. Soto
December 23, 2019

Northern Harrier in flight

Coopers Hawk Looking for Prey

Baby Morning Dove

Peace is Here

A Cloud Bank

A Cloud

Trees Provide Life

Rain Gives Life

Spring Starts With Growth

Alstroemeria Flower

A Lily

An Unusual Spring Flower

A Fall Flower

Baby Sparrows Get Fed

A Special Place for Birds

Some Birds Call this Home

Alfie and His Baby 2016

Hand Feeding a Tiny Hummer 2015

A Hungry Hummer 2022

A Vulture Hanging Out On A Light Post

A Mocking Bird
They really do mimic what they hear

My Favorite Fairy

A little poetry by Connie

Enjoy Right Now

Audio Poem Click to Listen - Just Thoughts
Or read the Poem:

Just Thoughts

Thoughts come
And thoughts go
Be thankful for now
Let the past and future go

Take a deep breath
Concentrate on now
To live in the Moment
You can appreciate now

Mindfulness is simply
To recognize right now
With it no judgment
Is allowed

When working on something
We can give it our all
If thinking stops your focus
Remember the deep breath protocol

Accept things as they are
We cannot control everything
Savor the good
While you stop over thinking

Despite the fact
The world is constantly changing
Mindfulness makes
Life interesting

It is easy to see
Our thoughts control us
Learning to be mindful
Is a plus

Pay attention to the present
Do not live in fear
This is it
We are here

Our thoughts
Truly are
Just thoughts

Connie S. Soto
January 17, 2024

Enjoy Everyday

Audio Poem Click to Listen - Christmas Time Is Special
Or read the Poem:

Christmas Time Is Special

We work for a living
That is true
Christmas time is special
Through and through

From our house
To another
The warmth of Christmas
Can bring us closer together

Christmas is
A state of mind
Connect with family and friends
In kind

Bonds can get stronger
Sharing memories of long ago
A gift of your time
Says more than you know

The Christmas season is filled
With happiness
Thinking of loved ones
Fills your heart with tenderness

Connie S. Soto
December 05, 2023

One Day At A Time, Is The Way To Live

Audio Poem Click to Listen - Authenticity Is A Natural Tendency
Or read the Poem:

Authenticity Is A Natural Tendency

Each individual
Is unique in their own right
Authenticity is a fundamental notion
To living a meaningful life

Ordinary experiences
Can become extraordinary
The virtual world is typically
Exaggerated to the contrary

Events created in the past
Becomes memories in the future
You never know what events
Will become a treasure

Fundamentally we embrace reality
Not judgmentally
It doesn't mean we do not
Judge other humans accurately

Challenges can occur
Almost every day
Challenges can be met
In a positive way

Authenticity is a natural tendency
It helps us reach our full potential
To be true to ourselves
Is essential

Creativity displays originality
This drives us
Motivation toward fulfillment
Is a plus

Each of us is responsible
For who we are
Authenticity and how we choose
To live is the best by far

Value increases
With self-actualization
To be authentic
Follow your passions

It is important to find peace
One day at a time
Understanding what it means to be real
Can last a lifetime

Connie S. Soto
November 27, 2023

Treasure Everyday, Every Step Of The Way

Audio Poem Click to Listen - Jealousy
Or read the Poem:


If you feel jealousy
You probably feel threatened
Perhaps a fear of losing something
Either real or imagined

Jealousy can be experienced
In all walks of life
It can affect any person
Causing strife

If we experience jealousy
How should we react to it
Is it a wakeup call
For something we should admit

Simple acknowledgement
Opens your eyes
Strengthening the relationship
Most often is wise

It is important to take steps
To help resolve the issues
Preservation of the bond
Possibly continues

Self-reflection can develop
A way for coping
A little compassion
Creates better feelings

Negotiating boundaries
Can be positive
Drifting apart
Is the alternative

Communication plus
Some give and take is sensible
Being honest is important
To make the negotiations acceptable

Envy is more about your feelings
This can cause some insecurity
Feelings of envy
Can also trigger jealousy

Only you can cultivate a healthy perspective
It can provide peace internal
All of these feelings
Are quite normal

Connie S. Soto
September 25, 2023

One Day At A Time

Audio Poem Click to Listen - When We Feel Lonely
Or read the Poem:

When We Feel Lonely

Loneliness does not discriminate
No matter how old we are
A little encouragement from others
Can show they care

At times
We all feel sad or lonely
It helps when we
Connect positively

It is not always easy
When we feel lonely
It can affect us
Both emotionally and physically

To be carefree
And happy
Is how we are
Meant to be

It is fundamental
To be a part of social interactions
Do not let isolation
Affect your emotions

In ancient times
Humans relied on each other
What we learned was
We literally need one another

Self-preservation is
A part of us
To be who you are
Is a plus

Times to be alone
Or not alone
Is what we do
Connecting together
Is tried and true

Connie S. Soto
June 15, 2023

Listen To The Birds Sing

Audio Poem Click to Listen - To Be Alive
Or read the Poem:

To Be Alive

Reach for the stars
In all you do
Doing your best
Means a lot to you

Who you are
And what you do
Makes a difference
For those who care about you

We only live once
So we do our best to survive
Wisdom is gained
Each day we strive

Sometimes the little things
More than you know
On the other hand
Helps you to grow

Reflect on yesterday
Think about tomorrow
Remember to treasure
Here and now

Appreciation for each day
Requires tolerance
Valuable knowledge
Comes from experience

Thankful for discoveries
Yet to find
Life's greatest treasury
Is what we find inside

We turn to those we love
When we need a lift
Having them in our lives
Is one of nature's gifts

Memories filled with love
Is beyond measure
To achieve happiness
Is a great endeavor

Friends come
And sometimes go
Will they always be there
You just never know

You don't know
What you will gain if you fall
Life moves on
Don't pass up a chance to give it your all

Ups and downs
Is what we get
Being happy is a choice
Don't forget

Smell the flowers
Listen to the birds sing
To be alive
Is the best thing

Connie S. Soto
March 20, 2023

Spring Is In The Air

Audio Poem Click to Listen - When Robins Appear
Or read the Poem:

When Robins Appear

The migrant birds
Are here again
A little sun will shine
Every now and then

The resident birds
Stay all year
Others return to their birthplace
And they will persevere

The length of daylight
Helps to trigger migration
Flexibility is needed to adjust
To evolving conditions

Migrant birds understand
The advantage of changing habitats
Availability of budding plants, insects and
Nesting locations hidden from threats

The ability to navigate cannot
Be explained
Unlike other species
They are not trained

Migration does not come
Without any risks
Things can happen like
Stress, physical exertion or attacks

Even though the endeavor
Is a bit scary
Birds are well equipped
To survive the journey

A bird regulates their journey
Using their internal biological clocks
Sometimes birds migrate
In flocks

When Robins appear
You will know that spring is near

Close to nature
Is what you feel
Listening to the birds
Has great appeal

Connie S. Soto
February 22, 2023

Enjoy Life Every Day - Family Counts

Audio Poem Click to Listen - Who Is Family Means The Most
Or read the Poem:

Who Is Family

The time you spend with family
Shows that you care
The emotional benefits
Are quite clear

Making family a priority
Is something you should not skip
A strong bond
Strengthens your relationship

Providing support during
A traumatic event
With an exchange of ideas
Will help provide reinforcement

Lack of connectivity stops communication
That keeps families closer
A longer healthier life
Is a benefit of quality time together

We all need a purpose in life
With a sense of belonging
Appreciation of each other
Is more than appealing

Unconditional love
Is the best by far
Who is family
An important part of
Who we are

Connie S. Soto
October 26, 2022

Enjoy Family - Autumn Holds Tucker

Audio Poem Click to Listen - Family Means The Most
Or read the Poem:

Family Means The Most

We learn from experience
We grow in stages
It is a known fact
Life always changes

You are only as old
As you appear
A birthday is just
One more year

Remember it is just
A number added to your age
Give it your all
Do not ever disengage

We should follow up
Whenever we fail
Persistence helps
Because we wish to prevail

Be thankful for parents
Who guided your way
Family means the most
Each and every day

It is time to treasure
How happy you are
Your loved ones were born
This is the best by far

Connie S. Soto
October 04, 2022

Enjoy Rain, It Is Refreshing

Audio Poem Click to Listen - It Might Rain
Or read the Poem:

It Might Rain

A little light
Shines through the night
The moon is bright
Before the morning light

If clouds are gray
Dense and deep
It might rain
To help you sleep

The clouds have come
The heat is gone
Twilight at the horizon
Signals dawn

Invisible water vapor
In the air
Creates visible water droplets
That form clouds midair

The darker the clouds
The more dense means it is packed
When saturated it condenses into liquid
That is a fact

Dark and dreary clouds
Can produce rain
If the clouds are fluffy and white
It will not rain

Rainbows do not always appear
They are an optical illusion
Rain and sun is needed to make a rainbow
It is always a nice addition

Thinking about rain
I have to say

Rain, rain
Come today
Connie wants
To splash and play

Connie S. Soto
September 22, 2022

Enjoy Your Backyard

Audio Poem Click to Listen - An Opossum Appeared
Or read the Poem:

An Opossum Appeared

Summer is gone
The weather is cool
All the kids
Have gone back to school

I notice some clouds
With a rainbow
As I sit
On the patio

I heard a noise
By the fence
An opossum appeared
He wasn't tense

He was probably heading
Toward his hideaway
Opossum's usually
Sleep during the day

I wandered over
I didn't move fast
His mannerism
Was steadfast

Curiosity is the look
I saw
Alert and cute
He didn't withdraw

I have seen him before
He usually wanders away
It was fun that he stopped
He made my day

Connie S. Soto
September 07, 2022

Freedom is Important In America

Audio Poem Click to Listen - Example Of The First Amendment
Or read the Poem:

Example Of The First Amendment

America protects
Freedom of speech
Without fear of retaliation
Is guaranteed for each

You can choose a religion
Or believe in none
To practice either way
Is an individual choice for everyone

Freedom of the press
Is a fundamental right
Different opinions without censorship
Provides for insight

Peaceful assembly gives citizens
Freedom to have a voice
Discussions for important issues
Is a choice

If we can be heard
We can protect our rights
To petition the government to fix a wrong
Can make something right

This example of the first amendment
Of the Bill of Rights
Barely touches on how our freedoms are protected
For individual rights

The Bill of Rights was the foundation
With ten amendments to the constitution
To this day it continues to provide
For individual liberties and protections

Connie S. Soto
August 22, 2022

Enjoy The Garden

Audio Poem Click to Listen - Do We Utilize Our Brain
Or read the Poem:

Do We Utilize Our Brain

In today's society smart phone use means
We are constantly plugged in each day
Time flies by as we are preoccupied
In so many ways

How many hours are we absorbed
Is Big Brother watching us anymore

Smart phone use
Keeps growing in popularity
To refrain while driving
Is important for safety

The alternative to constant use
That we see today
Is it possible to be distracted
By other things like we did yesterday

Life was creative
Before digital multimedia information
We use to express ideas employing techniques
With an old form of media illustrations

Some people are not glued
To their smart phones
They are just not interested
They prefer other milestones

Life before technology was a simpler time
Definitely not boring
Distractions without any barriers
Meant the possibilities were engaging

Way back when
The best thing was interacting together
Was quite a treasure

Due to the perceived
Lack of necessity for most
The art of cursive writing
Has been lost

Yesterday, some of what we used was
Writing text, images, audio, video and animation
Today online, texting, social media, photos, games and shopping
Are only some of the many distractions

Do we utilize our brain
Like we did before
Instead, the Internet
Answers us more

How we spend money
Can be as easy as tap and pay
Contact-less payments
Is it really a good way

Not everyone will trust technology
To transmit a payment
Some still write a check and
Get an old fashion statement

How many people still sit together
To enjoy a meal
Takeout food, ordered online
Doesn't seem to lack appeal

We have come a long way
From cave painting, carrier pigeons, telegraph, and telephone
Let us not forget to spend time with family and friends
Don't forget the future of the drone

Connie S. Soto
August 17, 2022

Listen To The Quiet and Hear The Birds Sing

Audio Poem Click to Listen - Life As We Knew It
Or read the Poem:

Life As We Knew It

Does society rely on technology
Too much
Do communication skills decline
Because we do not physically stay in touch

We seem to be constantly glued
To our phones
Even when interacting together
The distraction of our phones
Is sad not better

How do we sharpen and process information
In the here and now
We need to fill it with our senses
To hear, see, touch, and smell somehow

It is true life is more convenient
Because of technology
It can even connect people world-wide
Despite the diverse geography

Since the Internet became popular
There is more loneliness, less interaction, and laughter
Since it affects almost everything we do
Life as we knew is mostly not sought-after

What was life like
Before the Internet
Creativity, no anonymity
Deeper connectivity, talking and listening
Is some of the things
I will never forget

Connie S. Soto
August 08, 2022

Life Together Takes Work

Audio Poem Click to Listen - It Can Be Forever
Or read the Poem:

It Can Be Forever

What is an anniversary
A reminder how you met
To be together back then
Is still today's mindset

This milestone
For your life together
Came from the decision
To stay together forever

Now days
Too many get divorced
What is more important
Is not to feel remorse

It is amazing
The impact it still makes today
Especially when you think
Of all the work it takes to stay

How many years
Will you be together
With trust and respect
It can be forever

Connie S. Soto
July03, 2022

Look To The Future

Audio Poem Click to Listen - Big Brother And Big Data
Or read the Poem:

Big Brother And Big Data

How different the world is
Since technology came our way
Without computers, a cell phone
Or the Internet
How did we spend our day

We didn't even know
What a virtual friend was
Instead we had real friends
Just Because

Artificial Intelligence
Is simply called AI
It mixes with the cloud
But not really in the sky

AI along with cloud computing
Gathers all the data
These intelligent systems
Can use the data
Now or later

Each person's digital footprint
Has been collected at this juncture
In this age of cyber space
We need to understand
The impact it has on our future

When George Orwell wrote 1984
He warned about Big Brother
Watching you
Extreme control under a dictatorship
Can hurt society too

With the capacity for thought
Our creativity can reach unlimited heights
After all we are unique
In our own rights

Learning to read body language is lost
As we spend less time together
Replaced by social media
The alteration of the brain
Is hard to measure

Will Big Brother control us or will we continue
To live up to our potential
What will happen hasn't even been thought of yet
Will technology still be essential

Big Brother and Big Data
Is here
What it brings in the future
Is not clear

Connie S. Soto
June 25, 2022

No Matter How Tiny Life Is Precious

Audio Poem Click to Listen - The Little Things Each Day
Or read the Poem:

The Little Things Each Day

As I sit here and
Ponder today
I wonder why little things count
In such a big way

Respect and trust
Is crucial for love
The little things each day
Is what maintains this love

No matter how small
If it is special to you
It can mean so much
It can bring happiness too

The spontaneous nature
Of all the little things
Is crucial in relationships
For the genuine love that it brings

The perception of positive feelings
That you have for your mate
Can create the long term happiness
That defines your fate

Remember it is
The little things that happen each day
It fulfills our lives
In a more substantial way

These little things are continuous
They build up in time
The significance of them
Can bring true love
Over a lifetime

Connie S. Soto
June 13, 2022

A Milestone Can Change Your Destiny

Audio Poem Click to Listen - We Create Who We Are
Or read the Poem:

We Create Who We Are

Lessons we learn
Teach us to be diligent
Values that define us
Are significant

Society's paradigm
Has shifted
The standard markers
Have changed

Pursuing our interests
Isn't always what society expects
Passion for your work
Helps you earn respect

Humans have always been
Quite complex
Our accomplishments
Is only part of what is next

Life is always changing
Mistakes are inevitable
Learning from them
Can sometimes be incredible

As we reach outside our comfort zone
It can become a new foundation
Understanding our environment
Can provide a little inspiration

A turning point
Can change our direction
A milestone can change destiny
With a new selection

No one is perfect
Self-acceptance is how we adapt
Strength and resilience
Can keep us intact

We create who we are
By the choices we make
Success in life
Is no mistake

Connie S. Soto
May 24, 2022

Stop And Watch The Birds

Audio Poem Click to Listen - To Just Be Happy
Or read the Poem:

To Just Be Happy

Emotional strength, financial stability
Is quite an undertaking
If you have purpose
It will give your life meaning

Once we take care of our needs
Happiness can be achieved

Do not regret yesterday
Or worry about tomorrow
Do not let negativity
Fill you with sorrow

Live life to the fullest
Do not let priorities slip away
Taking time for loved ones
Goes a long way

Simply enjoy life for what it is
Do not concentrate on external situations
Remember to value
Your internal expectations

Do not let anxiety rule
Consider what is most relevant
Life is full of distractions
Concentrate on what is important

To find inner peace
Focus on the good things
To just be happy
Appreciate your surroundings

The here and now
Is what we have
Constant change
Is what it does

No matter what you do
Find something good each day
The little things count
In so many ways

Connie S. Soto
April 22, 2022

America The Beautiful

Audio Poem Click to Listen - Most People Want To Be Free
Or read the Poem:

Most People Want To Be Free

Civil liberties
Do not happen
In authoritarian countries
Power is maintained by blind submission
To authority

With a lack of individual freedoms
For thoughts and actions
Authority demands subservience
To be the communities reactions

The people do not have the right
For any opposition
The government maintains control
By political repression

Authoritarians control the deprivation
Of civil liberties throughout the population
The creation of allegiance is accomplished
By socialization and indoctrination

The manipulation of information
Is their way to maintain control
The utilization of power
Is their goal

The prevalence of corruption
Exerts tighter control
To instill fear
Submission to authority
Is not how we should live
Not in fear

Is the overall trajectory
Of our country
Moving in the wrong direction
Democracy is for the people
As defined
In the constitution

Life expectancy is better
Within a democracy
Economic growth is better too
Stability, individuality and
Standing for our freedoms
Is better too

Most people want to be free
Democracy is how
That can be

Connie S. Soto
April 04, 2022

Home Is More Than Just A House

Audio Poem Click to Listen - What Does Home Mean To You
Or read the Poem:

What Does Home Mean To You

A sense of belonging
Is essential for the human race
Think of home
As a treasured place

The basics for shelter, food and water
Is what a house provides
In our home we can create
An atmosphere of love
That keeps us satisfied

Humans need to establish social bonds
It is essential for our well being
Personal choice and to know
Your dreams can come true
Are the best feelings

Home represents privacy
Where positive psychological experiences
Can be met
There are no constraints
To build the best memories yet

Home gives us a place
From which to leave each day
A place to return to feel secure
In a special way

Home is a place
Where we can feel safe
It gives you a sense of belonging
It is a very unique place

Home is where you can be
Who you truly are
The significance of your identity
Is on par

Home is typically filled
With love and affection
Home provides refuge
From external negative intrusions

Home is an important
Part of each of us
Home sweet home
Is a positive focus
For all of us

What does home
Mean to you
Besides human basics
We establish our evolutionary
Roots too

Connie S. Soto
March 06, 2022

What Will The Future Bring

Audio Poem Click to Listen - Artificial Intelligence
Or read the Poem:

Artificial Intelligence

Life changed during the industrial age
Inventions such as the steam engine,
Electricity, the light bulb and more
Now robotics, quantum computing,
Genetic engineering
Is much different than before

Technological innovations
Could make our lives more efficient
Taking advantage of these benefits
Could be a positive development

So what is the next revolution
Where the established order
Will once again change
Safety research is important now
To ensure life will not be strange

Humans have a limited understanding
Of the human brain
The power of technology and the wisdom
How we manage it will rain

AI is artificial intelligence
IoT is the Internet of things
These inventions will define
A revolution that it will bring

The need to manage AI
With wisdom is essential
Creating intelligent machines
Has so much potential

The cloud will help
To train the machines
Gathering your data
Is what it will mean

AI has already started to emerge
But will it disrupt us or replace us
Hopefully it will
Co exist with us

Super intelligence is certainly
A possibility
Intelligent designs is crucial
For human stability

How fast AI will come to be
Is widely disputed
In the past it certainly
Has been overly exaggerated

If AI could outsmart us
How would we manage
What will it be like for us
To live in this new age

Creative thinking will help us
So we will not perish
But will civilization
Really flourish

Connie S. Soto
January 02, 2022

Enjoy Life Now

Audio Poem Click to Listen - The Importance of It All
Or read the Poem:

The Importance Of It All

There's a sparkle
In your eyes
No one
Can deny

Life is but a journey
With options far and wide

Even small decisions
Should not be minimized
Although some of your results
Should be scrutinized

Subtle changes that you make
Can help you specialize
Unexpected or profound results
Should be emphasized

Each step through life
Helps you organize
Creating a list
Helps you to prioritize

Clarification of the important items
Will not be a surprise
Working on the things that matter
Makes you feel satisfied

Some of what you choose to do
May be criticized
The importance of it all
Is to learn and not agonize

Every change that happens
Makes you realize
Life is never the same
It's time to stabilize

It is a journey
Not without compromise
Making the best of each day
Is quite wise

Connie S. Soto
December 08, 2021

Enjoy Family & Friends
Audio Poem Click to Listen - Live For Today
Or read the Poem:

Live For Today

Whether you are religious
Or not
Thanksgiving and Christmas
Should not be bought

It should be filled
With family and friends
Spending time together
Discussing odds and ends

We grow up with things
That feels just right
We want them to continue
As if it's a birthright

To focus on things
We do not have
Ends up being
All too sad

We take things for granted
Lots of the time
Good things happen to us
Throughout our lifetime

Freedom is important
No matter what we do
Remember to appreciate
You're potential too

Live for today
Not in the past
Hope for the future
Can be unsurpassed

Connie S. Soto
November 19, 2021

Telephone Booths Have Disappeared
Audio Poem Click to Listen - In Days Of Old
Or read the Poem:

In Days Of Old

What was it like
In days of old
No Internet
No cell phones

Black and white photos
Black and white TV's
No social media
Or any DVD's

Virtual friends
Did not exist
Physical interaction
Is surely missed

The world was
A different place
You were aware of your surroundings
Instead of off in cyberspace

Technology is an integral part
Of modern mankind
Thinking, creativity along with privacy
Seems to be left behind

Think of the comparison
Between technology and
The pony express
Instant messages or
Delivery of snail mail no less

A quick evolution of technology
Since it began
Changes for everyone
Throughout the land

Email started out
To be all the rage
Social media mostly replaced it
In this technological age

On the Internet people maintain friendships
Day to day
They exaggerate who they are
In a positive way

Life is not
What it appears
No body language to see
Beyond smoke and mirrors

Lack of physical interaction
May make us lonelier
Can we learn from the past
When life was simpler

Technology can improve
The quality of life
Unless it inundates you
And causes you strife

Maybe books
Will stick around
Paper cards and Dewey Decimal systems
Will not be found

Encyclopedias have all
But disappeared
Wikipedia is available
If a smart phone
Is near

Printed copies
Will soon disappear
iCloud systems
Are always near

Google maps
Keep us from getting lost
No need for paper maps
Whatever street we cross

Money typically was transferred using
Cash or checks
Electronic exchanges lack a tangible form
This new system is complex

The money does not sit
In a physical place
No need to visit an ATM
Or see a bank teller face to face

Electronic tools are useful
Quite convenient too
Do not let it make you lazy
Over reliance will never do

Stay aware of the physical world around you
Virtual reality is everywhere
Do not decrease your abilities and creativity
Interact in the real world with care.

Connie S. Soto
November 02, 2021

Freedom For America
Audio Poem Click to Listen - Belief in Freedom and Civil Liberties
Or read the Poem:

Belief in Freedom and Civil Liberties

The United States of America
Became a country in its own right
When the Declaration of Independence was adopted
The United States of America
Created the Constitution
Setting the laws of the land making us united

Is America beginning to suffer
The erosion of our freedoms
Did our founding fathers believe
Safeguards in the constitution
Would protect our freedoms

During the struggle for independence
The framers needed a workable plan
To ensure all Americans rights and freedoms
Together the Constitution and the Bill of Rights
Would guarantee to protect
Americans rights for freedom

The original thirteen colonies
Declared independence from British rule overall
Created by legislative power
The official rules would
Pertain to them all

The struggle for independence and
The belief in freedom and civil liberties
Were unanimous
All men are created equal
Which include certain rights of
Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

To the American people
Along with high moral standards
Freedom meant equality
The future course of America
Would pursue the common good and
Create social stability

Liberty means
Doing what is right
Restrained from
Doing what is wrong or illegal
As a nation
Government needs approval and
Consent by
The American people

Connie S. Soto
September 19, 2021

Baby Finch Is Growing Up
Audio Poem Click to Listen - If There Is Trust And Respect
Or read the Poem:

If There Is Trust And Respect

To have a healthy relationship
Trust is fundamental
Doubts dissipate when trust exists
It cannot be incidental

Letting go of any doubts
With time is reasonable
Trust does take time
With a willingness to be vulnerable

Saying something
You will not do
Will come back to bite you
Especially if you
Do not follow through

It always helps
To say what you mean
And to mean
What you say

One sided efforts do not work
Both have to be motivated
If there is trust and respect
It helps you feel valued

Honesty, good communication and
Understanding is a must
Basic respect is important
Without it we cannot have trust

Humans rely on the instinct
Of self-protection
Removing the barriers
Is a potential risk of hurt or rejection

A relationship can be destroyed
From a loss of trust
An apology with changed behavior
Could help us to adjust

To be happy
Trust, respect and honesty
Keeps us together
To feel valued and appreciated
Makes you want
To stay together, forever

Connie S. Soto
August 29, 2021

Baby Canary Begs

Audio Poem Click to Listen - Projecting Our Self Image
Or read the Poem:

Projecting Our Self Image

What we wear sends
Powerful signals to our peers
Projecting our self image
Of what we display
Becomes clear

Within a few seconds of meeting someone
An opinion is formed
Even with time
Your initial feelings are usually confirmed

How we are perceived
And judged by each other
Is psychological
Male or female
Is not significant
It is socially acceptable

How we dress can be
Either a conscious or
An unconscious decision
Body language provides
Part of the perceived vision

Clothing can impact your behavior
Or mental attitude
It can make you more confident
Creating the mind set
For a better mood

Power dressing
Can create confidence
Being confident
Can make for
A better experience

An identity crisis or
Crucial life changes
Can take us out of our comfort zone
Feeling a bit lost can create
Different style choices
Into the unknown

If your overall look
Matches your personality
It is worth it to match who you are
Which gives you more vitality

If pretense expressions and stance
Say one thing or another
Your body language
Will give you away to others

How you dress not only affects
The way others see you
It also affects
The way you see yourself

The best part of it all
When you look your best
You will feel your best

Connie S. Soto
July 24, 2021

Have Faith In Yourself

Audio Poem Click to Listen - Self-Confidence Is Essential
Or read the Poem:

Self-Confidence Is Essential

If you believe
You are a good person
Usually you will
Be treated right

Trust in your abilities
Comes from what you have achieved
To acknowledge your capabilities
Is a skill we all need

To spend time worrying about other people's opinions
Usually creates dissatisfaction
It is better to focus on your potential abilities
This provides more realistic expectations

A few of the causes for low self-esteem,
Comes from a lack of achievements, stressful events,
Or critical feedback
Positive self-esteem, with a healthy opinion of yourself,
Comes from a belief in your abilities, good experiences,
And positive feedback

Self-confidence can bring the joy
Of what life has to offer
To find happiness
Learning to accept compliments and criticism
Can help you prosper

Previous experiences
Do not have to define your destiny
Acceptance of yourself flaws and all
Can be healthy

Self-esteem means
Look to the future with thoughts and feelings
That is vital
Self-confidence is essential
For human survival

Fear seems to occur
When things are unknown
It requires conviction and
Greater strength with control

To meet life's challenges
We need to trust our instincts and abilities
The confidence to act helps us take risks
For better possibilities

A positive attitude is needed
To reach your objectives
If you value yourself and your abilities
You will be effective

Connie S. Soto
June 16, 2021

Tiki, August 2, 2006 - January 02, 2021

Audio Poem Click to Listen - Tiki Was Full Of Love
Or read the Poem:

Tiki Was Full Of Love

Tiki my sweet little canary
Lived his life
With me
Tiki was nine days old
When I hand raised him
You see

Frequent feedings meant
I'd take him to work
With me
His daily presence
Became common place
You see

Taking care of him
Was important
To me
He easily adapted
To humans
You see

To spoil Tiki
Was easy
To me
He gave me joy
You see

Tiki never stopped
Being special
To me
Tiki was full of love
You see

Connie S. Soto
January 02, 2021

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Hand Trained Canaries are fun

Tiki does not want to go back into his
cage. A hand trained canary can give
you a lot of joy. They usually have
terrific personalities. As you can see
Tiki is spoiled.

Tiki Fluffs His Feathers After A Bath

Audio click to Listen - I Guess We Have to Share
Or read the Poem:

I Guess We Have to Share

I am a little canary
My name is Tiki
I have two feathered friends
Who I share my time with my human

We all love to spend time
Out of the cage
Hanging out with our human
Is quite the rage

Tweeter lives in the cage next to me
The human has not yet decided
If Tweeter is a he or a she

In the canary world
The human does not always know
If we are a boy or a girl
Only time will let them know

Then there is Tweeky
He is definitely a he
He sings morning noon and night
His song is nothing less than
An awesome melody

The canaries try to get
The priorities of our human
We have to mention finches
Who also gets her attention

Kiva this girl finch
Gets to come out of her cage
She hangs out with our human
As if Finches were all the rage

I guess we have to share
For our humans attention
Even with Vger
The kitty
Who also gets lots of
Her attention

Connie S. Soto
October 01, 2010

Tiki's Favorite Place After His Bath

Tweeky's Journey:

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Enjoy wildlife - Wild Bird Poem

Audio Poem Click to Listen - The Wild Birds at the Feeder
Or read the Poem:

The Wild Birds at the Feeder

The first chilly morning
Of the season
I expected everyone
To be snuggled up keeping warm

Instead there is activity
All around
The sun was out
Without any signs of a storm

It was almost as if
Chilly equates to energy

The wild birds at the feeder
Were eating breakfast quite happily

The canary's song
Rings loud and clear

All the little birds chattering
Is music to my ears

The Scrub Jay arrives
On the scene

He announces himself loudly
He does not have to scream

The Hummingbirds pay him
No mind

They zoom in and out
It is too early for the sun
To make their feathers iridescent
Or glitter and shine

Even though the nectar feeder
Seats more than three

One at a time eat
As the Hummingbird
Chases the others up in the tree

A little while later
To my surprise

Two Anna Hummingbirds
Ate together
Right before my very eyes

This is not typical
Behavior for them

I feel happy watching
These sweet little gems

Connie S. Soto
November 12, 2010

Coopers Hawk in the Rain

Audio Poem Click to Listen - The Threatening Dark Clouds
Or read the Poem:

The Threatening Dark Clouds

The morning feels a bit eerie
The rain is only a mist
The threatening dark clouds
Promise much more than this

The Coopers Hawk arrives
He shakes the rain off of his feathers
You can count on him coming by
No matter what the weather

The wild birds
Will not come by
They will wait
Until the hawk leaves
For the sky

Connie S. Soto
March 20, 2011

Tiny and Full of Love
Hummingbirds fill our hearts with joy!

Audio Poem Click to Listen - Time is of the Essence Too

Or read the Poem:

Time is of the Essence Too

Jewel lost his leg
To a hawk
He had a will
For life
That would not stop

Here he is
In all of his health
On a branch so high
Carefree like nothing else

How do you suppose
That he will do
It all depends
On who will find him
Time is of the essence too

Connie S. Soto
March 02, 2011

In the Spring Take a Walk
Watch for New Baby Birds

Audio Poem Click to Listen - Little Peeps
Or read the Poem:

Little Peeps

When you see
Baby birds everywhere
You can tell that
Spring is here

Momma gives
The warning sounds
Her babies listen
As they are bound

She feeds the babies
She keeps them warm
She keeps them dry
If it storms

Little peeps
Is what I hear
The peeping stops
When I come near

To raise them right
Is part of her charm
She will keep them safe
From harm

Sometimes the Dad
Helps to feed the young
Watching the babies
Is a lot of fun

Connie S. Soto
May 20, 2011

Can We Imagine 300 Years Ago

Audio Poem Click to Listen - A Nanny or a Kid
Or read the Poem:

A Nanny or a Kid

Did you ever wonder why
Children are called kids
After all
A baby goat
Is really a kid

Did you ever wonder why
A sitter is called a nanny
After all
A Momma goat
Is really a nanny

Is it just slang
Or a metaphor
After all
It has been around
For three hundred years or more

The sound of a baby goat
Was compared to
The sound of a child's cries

Baby goats are so very cute
Children are too
This is no surprise

Society is left
Sharing these names
Whether it is
A nanny or a kid
It is
All the same

Connie S. Soto
July 17, 2016

Always Listen To Your Instincts

Audio Poem Click to Listen - Intuition Is a Gift
Or read the Poem:

Intuition Is a Gift

Intuition is the feeling
From unconscious information
In our brain
The subconscious sends signals
Through our nerves
Which sometimes are hard to explain

We are wise to listen
To subconscious feelings
It can bridge the gap
Between experience and analytical thinking

The brain automatically updates
Before it can reach your conscious awareness
But analytical thinking takes time
Intuition is a gift that is tremendous

Thoughts that we act upon
Do not always have to be deliberate or rational
We can depend on that gut feeling
It is typically infallible

To know without knowing why
Are the emotions that make us feel connected
Listen to our instincts
It is how we have always survived

Connie S. Soto
March 18, 2019

Enjoy Life, One Day At A Time

Audio Poem Click to Listen - The Younger Generation
Or read the Poem:

The Younger Generation

Time has changed
From each generation
To the next
Kids spent more time
To play outside
Now mostly they text

Less face time
Provides less interaction
Virtual reality will be normal
To the new generation

A higher education
Will help them do their best
Jobs without it
Will most likely pay less

Leaving home takes longer
For the younger generation
Part of the reason
Is the cost of inflation

A passion for reading
Is getting lost
It is sad because it is
Too great a cost

Humans could not function
Without change
Hopefully society adopts the ones
That is not too strange

Connie S. Soto
May 18, 2018

Waddles, A Lone Duck

Audio Poem Click to Listen - A Sense of Purpose
Or read the Poem:

A Sense of Purpose

Never under estimate
Your place in the work world
Is a huge transition
Freedom from work means
You can fully appreciate
Your new mission

When you worked
Human contact was automatic
When you retire
Creating connections
Is not that automatic

Your colleague's world
Still revolves around work
They are not always friends
Pressure, stress and meetings for you
Came to an end

A spouse does not fill
The social connection
A sense of purpose
Is your new question

Change occurs
Your entire life
In retirement loss of the familiar
Can produce feelings of strife

Anxiety and depression is common
Who you are is changing
Private time is objective
Loneliness is a powerful feeling

Nurture your relationships
A little peace is ideal
Starting over will help define you
Removing the detachment you feel

Social media is not
A substitute for loneliness
Real social connections are critical
To remove feelings of emptiness

You waited for free time without commitments
Now life can have more meaning
Purpose helps find your identity
Never stop growing

To have someone to trust
Is imperative
Keeping connected
Is an important prerogative

Live life with passion
As if there is no tomorrow
Treasure each day
Can bring happiness
Not sorrow

Connie S. Soto
August 18, 2018

Talk to Yourself

Audio Poem Click to Listen - No Matter What
Or read the Poem:

No Matter What

Talk to yourself in the image
Of when you were little

Little person
I know your fears
I know your dreams

Trust me that
I will never abandon you
Trust me that
I will never harm you

No matter what
I will always take care of you
No matter what
I will always love you

Connie S. Soto
April 07, 1983

Veena Kitty, Is Part of My Family

Audio Poem Click to Listen - Learn To Accept Family
Or read the Poem:

Learn To Accept Family

Sometimes adult children and parents
Do not get along
The first thing a parent thinks
Is what did they do wrong

This is not the case
Parents are human
They make mistakes

Children make their own choices
They are who they are
To view their childhood with compassion
Is better by far

Your upbringing is where you came from
Whether it was good or bad
To accept the reality of what it was
Doesn't have to be sad

We see the world more clearly
When we deal with our thoughts and feelings
Try not to let our emotions get the better of us
Life does have more meaning

Obstacles in life
Come and go
To be resilient
Is how we stretch and grow

Remember it is always okay
To agree
To disagree

It is human to feel anger
But it is important to listen
To let anger ruin a relationship
Is a difficult lesson

Anger feels demeaning
And condescending
Feeling as though you are being judged
Is so distressing

When you care
The rational mind
Helps to forgive
When we value someone
We need
To be supportive

Learn to accept family
They are who they are
Help them to accept you
You are who you are

Connie S. Soto
September 09, 2018

Even a Kitty Can Reach For the Stars!

Audio Poem Click to Listen - Reach For the Stars
Or read the Poem:

Reach For the Stars

Attitude comes from upbringing
Attitude comes from experience

The result of the decisions we make
Comes from our attitude
We can change or alter our lives
Because of our attitude

A negative attitude can talk us into negative results
It can be a bit destructive or define our faults

A negative attitude can limit your success
A positive attitude is necessary for success

A positive attitude can help you stretch and grow
After all we do reap what we sow

Either a negative or positive attitude cannot stop
Bad things from happening
But a positive outcome
Can come from positive thinking

Challenges bring opportunities to reach
Toward your milestones
You can control your attitude
Even if fear is based on the unknown

You can choose how to respond
Even if you cannot control
What comes your way
Your survival depends on your ability
To work through hard times anyway

If you don't take chances
Opportunities will not come your way
If you think you can accomplish something
You will find a way

To focus on what is good
Makes you appreciate what you have
Integrity and a positive attitude
Can help even when things get bad

Never comes overnight
Motivation and a can-do attitude
Will help you get it right

When things get difficult
Resilience helps you adapt
Working through things
Means that you are on the right track

When you control your attitude
You make of best of every situation
Learning to work through your emotions
Can be your foundation

A better quality of life is possible
If you believe in yourself you will go far
To keep a positive attitude
Can help you to reach for the stars

Connie S. Soto
September 21, 2019

Freedom is Important

Audio Poem Click to Listen - Human Culture Is Complex
Or read the Poem:

Human Culture Is Complex

America is changing
We are no longer one culture
One language or one American nationality
Are we becoming fractured
Due to racial diversity

We were strong
As one nation and one people
We were free
Under the constitution

Change sometimes happens
Before evolution can adjust
Adaptive adjustments and communication
Is a must

Our culture
Is part of our evolution
Our history makes a difference
It is part of the present

Human culture is complex
What we believe
Is psychological
The acquisition to share knowledge
Is possible

Through our eyes
The world is focused from experience
Within our minds
What we strive for
Can make a difference

The need to conform can be greater
Than personal opinion or experience
To adapt seems crucial
Even if it means obedience

Conformity is a human trait
It varies across different cultures
Language provides the ability
To comprehend the beliefs of others

Money has a strong tendency
To rule
Common goals tend
To bind us together

Shared knowledge is a key
For unity
What is diversity
Will it keep us free

Connie S. Soto
March 08, 2019

Savor Each and Every Day

Audio Poem Click to Listen - A Sense of Wonder
Or read the Poem:

A Sense of Wonder

A child's world is innocent
Everything is new
Learning about the world
Is awe inspiring too

Whether you are a child or an adult
A sense of wonder is amazing
Remember, you are unique
From the very beginning

To feel a sense of belonging
Is a fundamental need
A meaningful existence
Is what life ought to be

Believe in yourself
Strengthen your connection to others
To be who, you are
Reach for a sense of wonder

As we learn we gain knowledge
We never stop learning
Curiosity, along with the little things matter
Life is always changing

Beyond our own creativity
What is the sense of wonder
Sometimes it can be Mother Nature
In all of its splendor

Never stop questioning
Open your mind and look around
Life is full of mystery
You never know what can be found

Appreciate life
A sense of wonder
Is the beginning of wisdom
Savor every moment
After all
It is your decision

Connie S. Soto
August 05, 2019

Open Your Mind

Audio Poem Click to Listen - The Endless Mystery of the Sense of Wonder
Or read the Poem:

The Endless Mystery of the Sense of Wonder

To wonder provides insight
Curiosity makes us explore
Creativity is the key
That can open the door

Basic knowledge helps us
To interpret and understand
Every day is different
It is important to do what you can

Be the one who makes things happen
Choose which way to go
Life is always changing
No matter what you know

Never be so pre-occupied
That you miss the experience of wonder
Cell phones detract from reality
You might even miss hearing thunder

The endless mystery of the sense of wonder
Makes us feel complete
Your journey throughout life
Shows that humans are unique

Nothing should stop you
From wondering why
A positive attitude
Makes it feel great to be alive

Reassess your options
If something feels wrong
Logic will help you
To get along

To achieve happiness
Take one step at a time
Believe in yourself
You know you can shine

Even though yesterday is gone
You feel as though your life is full of wonder
Tomorrow is a fleeting thought
Today is what you need to treasure

Open your mind
Wonder is part of who we are
Never forget
Mother Nature is the star

Even though there is no one
Quite like me
One of a kind is what
I would rather be

Connie S. Soto
August 28, 2019

Innocence is a Gift to All of Us!

Audio Poem Click to Listen - How You Live
Or read the Poem:

How You Live

Looking ahead
Isn't always the thing to do
Appreciate the here and now
Makes you treasure life too

What you do in your life
Is strictly up to you
Time is a gift
That can impact you

A negative attitude
Can bring frustration
A sense of purpose
Can bring satisfaction

If you are determined and focus on achievement
Success will come your way
Tomorrow you will not regret
If you do what means the most to you each day

Increase the odds to live longer
When you choose good things without hesitation
Consequences are costly
When we make bad decisions

More than you realize
Time spent with family truly matters
Other things may seem urgent
Happiness can make you stronger

The number of years
You get to live
Is not as important
As how you live

What we have right now
Is all we've got
What we didn't know
It is much better than we thought

Connie S. Soto
October 15, 2019

Human's Are Part of Mother Nature

Audio Poem Click to Listen - To Be Cut Off Prevents Resolution
Or read the Poem:

To Be Cut Off Prevents Resolution

Estrangement between families
Is not uncommon
Often the reason is unknown
It can feel as though we are forgotten

Despite the differences between you
We need to find common ground
To accept your adult children
You think you know them well
Yet they have changed since
They were children

Humans inevitably make mistakes
This is well known
We learn from failures
Which become stepping-stones

Do not regret making mistakes
Life is a journey
Where we all have choices
To be cut off prevents resolution
Success can come
Because we experience new opportunities

Does estrangement happen
When we feel ill at ease with each other
To be cut off prevents resolution
When you cannot talk it over

Everything changes
As time passes

Communication is necessary
To resolve issues
Everyone involved suffer
The consequences

Parents are usually the ones
Who seek to restore the relationship
Understanding goes a long way
To solidify a new companionship

Sometimes choosing to be close to parents
Can feel like they are going backwards
Despite building an independent life
Many things go unanswered

Reasons for the disparity
Can be quite bad or much less
Sometimes it is simply caused
By personalities that do not mesh

Rejection can affect anyone
Because to be connected
Is a human need
Isolation from those you love
Causes loneliness indeed

Many coping mechanisms
May come into play
Positive changes with reconciliation
Is the best way

Connie S. Soto
October 23, 2019

Life is Great!

Audio Poem Click to Listen - A Proper Balance of Priorities
Or read the Poem:

A Proper Balance of Priorities

Who we are is part of
What we choose to do
Do you spend time doing things
That really matter to you

There is never enough time
For everything we want to do
Having purpose and setting priorities
Are important too

How busy we are
Is dependent upon what we choose
Not spending time on what is important
Can make us feel overwhelmed or confused

Creating some time
Just for you
Is important
For emotional health too

Work is important but it should not
Be your only priority
Making time for things important to us
Should be a priority

To be too busy is not a sign
That life has more meaning
You can make a difference
By setting your goals and priorities
Instead of multitasking

The old saying
Stop and smell the roses
Help us to renew
A real commitment to what you value
Is better for you too

Satisfaction and happiness
Is at stake
Achievement through
A proper balance of priorities
Is what it takes

Take a deep breath
Stop and say
It is great
To be alive today

Connie S. Soto
November 09, 2019

Believe In Yourself!

Audio Poem Click to Listen - Our Capabilities
Or read the Poem:

Our Capabilities

To settle for what we have now
Is our current reality
Humans typically strive
For more quite naturally

Whether we were raised
Rich or poor
Motivation can help us
Strive for more

A lack of self-confidence
Can hinder you
Ambition can help
To inspire you

Deep down we know
Our capabilities
Realistic aspirations
Guide the possibilities

If the meaning and purpose of life
Come from our values
Inner strength and passion
Can come too

Perseverance and hard work
Is the key to success
Mistakes and failures help get you there
No less

Connie S. Soto
December 03, 2019

Crossing Guards Are Important
Watch For School Children

Audio Poem Click to Listen - To Be Guarded
Or read the Poem:

To Be Guarded

Life is not always easy
Sometimes it is disruptive
It can cause inner distress
This is not productive

To be human means
We have issues or we have secrets
Emotional avoidance
Can help calm instead of fret

Unfortunately everyone's intentions
Are not pure
Sometimes we are guarded
Until trust is sure

Interaction with one another
Can either waste your time
Or be more than gossip
Which can become refined

To open up to someone
Makes us vulnerable
The advantage of trust and feeling safe
Makes us comfortable

Strong ties with another
Can fulfill us
When your heart is ready
Letting them in
Is a must

To be guarded
Is not wrong
To trust and feel worthy
Makes relationships strong

Connie S. Soto
January 04, 2020

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