Warbler FAQs

Parulidae Family

By Connie Soto


How many species is part of the Parulidae family?


Warblers are very active little song birds with a little over fifty species in the Parulidae family.


Describe the Parulidae family of Warblers?


Warblers are typically small birds with a short thin bill. They come in a variety of colors and color combinations that range from blue, blue-gray, brown, brownish-gray, black, black streaks, orange, white, yellow, and vibrant greens.


Are most Warblers active mostly in the treetops?


There is a variety of Warblers that prefer the ground and there is a variety of Warblers that prefer the treetops.


Is there a color difference with Warblers who hang out in the treetops in comparison to Warblers who hang out on the ground?


Warblers who mostly live in the treetops are more brightly colored than their counter parts that live on the ground.


What kind of areas does Warblers prefer to live?


Warblers prefer brushy areas, both coniferous and deciduous forest or forest edges, pines, thickets, or open woodland areas.


What is a Warblers basic diet?


Warblers primarily eat insects, and supplement them with fruit and berries.


Will Warblers visit home feeders?


Some Warblers will come to home feeders if you offer suet.


How do Warblers catch insects so easily?


Warblers have short wings which help them to be able to change directions quickly.


Warblers almost appear to twinkle when you spot a flock of them together what makes them appear this way?


The flitting about that you see produces pretty colors when the light falls on the rapid movement of the wing strokes. They look as if they twinkle in the sunlight when you observe a flock of them together in flight.


Do Warblers migrate?


Warblers are on the move most of the time and stay long enough only to raise their young.


Do Warblers live together?


Warblers most often live in flocks, small or larger depending upon the season of the year.


How often do Warblers sing?


Warblers are considered song birds and they sing or chirp most of the time. As a highly migratory bird this activity ensures that the flock does not get separated. Their song can sound like melodic warbles as their name sake implies or chirps and buzzy trills.



Yellow-Rumped Warbler