Interesting Facts about Birds


By Connie S. Soto

October 28 2012 ©


What makes a bird a bird?

Birds are the only animals on our planet that have feathers, wings and always reproduce by laying eggs.


What is the smallest bird on the planet?

The Hummingbird is the smallest bird that lives on our planet. In particular, the Bee Hummingbird is the tiniest Hummingbird which weighs about an ounce and is only two inches tall.


If the Hummingbird is the smallest bird then what is the largest bird on the planet?

The Ostrich is the largest bird on our planet and they can reach up to nine feet tall.


How many birds migrate annually?

About twenty percent of the bird population migrates each year.


How do birds steer while they are flying?

Birds are unique because of their ability to use their wings to fly and their tail feathers to steer.


Do birds have hollow bones?

Birds have strong bones even though many of their bones are hollow. It makes them lighter in weight and they are able to retain strength because of the struts that cross inside the bones.


Are the leg bones hollow?

The leg bones are not hollow so they carry the most weight which is beneficial in flying because it becomes the low center of gravity.


Do feathers weigh more than a birdís skeleton?

A birdís feathers always weigh more than the entire skeleton of a bird.


How does the bird control the wings?

The bird controls the wings with the breast muscles.


Do birds have a high metabolic rate?

Birds have a higher need for oxygen because they have a higher metabolic rate that is needed for flight.


What is that pouch near the birdís esophagus?

A muscle like pouch called a crop runs along side of the birdís esophagus. This is the storing area for the food as it softens and regulates the flow before it gets to the gizzard.


What does the gizzard do?

The gizzard is made up of four muscles and it helps to grind and rotate the food.


Are birds intelligent?

Birds are extremely intelligent and have a large brain to the ratio of body mass. It seems that it is not unusual under those circumstances to find that they are intelligent.


What is the difference between human temperature and a birdís temperature?

A birdís temperature runs about eight degrees warmer than humans. They do not have the ability to sweat so they use about three quarters of their oxygen to cool their bodies.


How does a bird keep warm?

A bird has down feathers that are close to their body to help keep them warm. The feathers also act as layers for warmth which is why they poof them out for an insulating effect when it is cold. Feathers also keep out Ultra Violet rays from the sun, protecting their skin.


What is the birdís bill made of?

A bird does not have teeth instead they have bills made of keratin. The shape of their beak shows what type of a diet the bird eats.


How many bird species do we have on our planet?

There is almost ten thousand species of birds living on our planet.


What is the most common bird on our planet?

The chicken is the most common bird on our planet.


Where did birds come from?

Scientists do believe that birds evolved from the dinosaur.