How To Band Baby Canaries

By Connie Soto


When can you band a baby canary?


Typically a normal developing baby is ready for a band at 5 days old. Banding baby canaries are specific to the rate of individual growth. Many factors determine the rate of growth so it is best to check early. With experience and when the baby is 4 days old you will be able to determine when you can band the baby.


How do you know when it is too late to band the baby canary?


The size of the ankle determines when it is too late to band the baby. The ankle is the widest part to slide the band over therefore it is usually the determining factor of when it is to late. Never force a band as it could cause permanent injury to the canary.

If in doubt, band the baby early and if it falls off try again the following day.


How does a novice get to feel more comfortable with this process?


The banding process is sometimes uncomfortable until you have had a little practice. The baby is quite tiny and just one slip could injure or cripple the baby. This alone makes the importance clear, the resulting impact to the little life that is in your hands. Experience is the key to comfort, keep in mind how fragile the tiny parts are of a baby bird and never force, pull or tug too hard.


Steps To Banding The Baby Canary


This is only meant as a guide from my personal experience; please ask for help if in doubt.

Read all the steps first before attempting to band your baby canary.