Tiki's Corner
Tiki Survived, My Little Canary Bird - Click to enlarge images

Tiki BirdPoet.com logo

Tiki in Teal & Magenta

BirdPoet drawing logo

Tiki hangs out with me

Tiki is not shy

Tiki March 1, 2007

Xmas 2006 Tiki drawing

First Tiki logo drawing

Tiki button in flower

Tiki & Connie hang out

Tiki molts

Tiki Aug 2007

Tiki in bronze

Tiki in grey

Tiki in 1st blue

Naked Lady flowers

Tiki's badge-front

Tiki's badge-back

Dove born same month as Tiki

Debbie's bunny born same month as Tiki

Diamond Dove born same month as Tiki

Sibling begs - Tiki sleeps

Tiki gets a band

Tiki left, Sibling right 5 days old

Tummy full, Tiki asleep after rescue

Tiki sleeps with heating pad

Tiki after his bath

Tiki gets feathers

Tiki learns to fly

Tiki learns to eat

Tiki discovers the swing

Tiki settles on the swing

Tiki asleep on the swing

Tiki keeps warm on the swing

Tiki gets a cage & a badge

Tiki made it

Tiki made it back from the brink of death

Tiki looks for a treat

Tiki after his bath