A Parakeet Visit
In the wild

The Parakeet on a rope

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Found His Way

The parakeet is here to stay
Once tame
He is now wild
In a special way

He avoids the hawk
To stay alive
He chatters to me
When I walk by

He uses bird houses
To keep himself warm
He melts your heart
With all his charm

He is a natural acrobat
When he climbs around
I am glad
That he found his way
To our little town

Connie Soto
January 07, 2011

The Parakeet has a little ruffled feather

A magnificent Coopers Hawk

The Parakeet makes a nest

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He Would Chatter at Me

I wondered how
You were set free
How could someone
Just loose a parakeet

Once tame
Now living in the wild
You found your way
You came to visit
My yard everyday

You are bright green and yellow
With a dark purple and blue tail
Your eyes are distinct
Sometimes they look pale

A tropical bird
Usually would not survive the cold
For warmth
I saw you in the wild bird houses
Keeping out the cold

Every day I search
For this little parakeet
I miss everything about him
From his head to his feet

No distinctive chattering
No bossy sounds of squawking
No more acrobatic stunts
No more hanging out
With the other birds at lunch

He would chatter at me
When I walked by
He would hang upside down
With a twinkle in his eye

He used my yard
Like it was his jungle gym
It makes me feel sad
That I cannot find him

He was fun to watch
When he clowned around
Right now he is
No where
To be found

Connie Soto
March 19, 2011

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The Parakeet arrived on October 8, 2010

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This Little Bird

I heard this chirp
Among all the birds

That was singing
In the tree

This little bird's chirp
Was a chattering sound
Not a sweet melody

It was a distinct
Kind of chirp
That I heard

All of a sudden
I heard
A different bird

This Scrub Jay
Announced himself
It was quite clear

He always lets you know
When he is near

So what was
The first chirping
That I heard

It was not what
I usually hear
From the wild birds

The Scrub Jay
Was high up in the tree
I followed his sounds
To see
What I could see

What I saw
Was the Scrub Jay
Squawking at a
Green and yellow parakeet

What was a parakeet
Doing up there in the tree

It seemed so odd to me
To see a parakeet
With a Scrub Jay
In the tree

Connie Soto
October 08, 2010

Parakeet hangs out with his friend

Parakeet Snoozes

Where did the Parakeet go?
Is he really okay?

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Oh Look, Oh Look

Oh Where, Oh Where
Did the Parakeet go
Oh Where, Oh Where
Can he be

Oh Why, Oh Why
Did the Parakeet leave
Oh Why, Oh Why

Oh What, Oh What
Can I do
Oh What, Oh What

Oh Yes, Oh Yes
What do I see
Oh Yes, Oh Yes

Oh My, Oh My
Look in the tree
Oh My, Oh My

Oh Look, Oh Look
What do I see
The Parakeet
Is back in the tree

Connie Soto
February 05, 2011

Feathered friends hanging out

Parakeet hides from the Coopers Hawk

The Coopers Hawk is hunting for a meal

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