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Make the Best Scooter

Push scooters are no longer
Just a toy
It is an extreme sport
For girls and boys

There are beginning scooters
For when you start
Later light weight styles
Made with special parts

Custom scooters made
For special tricks and stunts
An Ollie will get you some air
Practice and skill
Bring you excitement

Learning how to weld
To make the parts just right
Is half the fun
To make the best scooter
Any old night

Connie Soto
January 23, 2011

Olden Days and Now

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Imagine a Scooter

Push scooters were made
From milk crates
In the olden days
Since that time
They have come a long way

Imagine a scooter
Made from a plank of wood
With roller skate wheels
That does not move
As smooth as they should

Now imagine a deck for a scooter
Made from a 2x4
With a long handle split in two
From the same board

The steel wheels were larger
Than the old roller skates
These steel ball bearing wheels
Could get you around
At a faster rate

Now imagine a scooter
Of today
It is light, yet strong
With soft handle grips
It helps your hands
So they do not slip

A hollow tube
For the steering shaft
Polyurethane wheels
That makes it ride smooth or fast

Unique features and lots of colors
Give the scooter a lot of flair
Are you ready to take a spin
Maybe at the skate park
If you dare

They are propelled by the rider
They no longer have any rust
They are no longer clunky
They are a lot of fun
They leave the old styles
In the dust

Connie Soto
December 09, 2010

Namma does a drawing of Devin

Devin Parker

A jump in the back fields

More fun in the back fields

Jump the old tree stump

Scooters can move smooth

Custom scooter bars partially welded

Custom scooter bars welded

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