Tweeky's Journey:
On day 6, I found him cold and dying. Momma threw him out of the nest
She would not take the baby back, I had no choice but to save him.

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Red Factor Canary Baby - 2 days old Photo
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A Poem

Tweeky Survived

The baby canary
Was at the brink of death
His vital signs were weak
His body felt so cold
I could not wake him
From the dreaded sleep

I realized that
His body was shutting down
But he was still alive
I picked him up
From the cold floor
I hoped that he would survive

He needed warmth
Before it was to late
I held him close to me
I did not know
How he would fare
We would just
Have to wait and see

I used an eye dropper
For some nourishment
He was so weak
That he gave me
No encouragement

As he hung on
Two days have passed
Force feeding was the only way
That he could continue to live
Each and every day

Force feeding his meals
Were very hard
You wonder if you forced to long
The alternative is to let him die
In peace
But then it would make you cry

Did you do enough
To give him a chance
To come back on his own

If you went to far
You would figure it out
If he made it now
It would fill your heart

In the end
All that you can do
Is the best that
You can do

No words could describe
How you feel
When the baby bird finally begs

He was so feeble
But you knew
He was strong enough
To make it through

With each feeding
He becomes stronger
His personality now shows
His endearing little qualities
Tickles your heart
More than you will
Ever know
By Connie S. Soto
July 12, 2008

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