Hummingbirds, Mother Natures Tiny Little Gem

Click to Listen to the Hummingbird Sing
The audio is of the Male Anna Hummingbird with some
Ringed Necked Doves in the background.

A Male Anna Hummingbird
The female Anna Hummingbird usually was the dominant visitor.
This year the Male has taken her role.
The photos were mostly captured in the rainy season without much sun light.

A little trust
This has become a winter ritual with the Anna Hummingbirds displaying their trust in me.
It seems that I have become a part of their pecking order.
The bravest Hummer seems to rule the territory as they are very territorial.

He finishes his meal
Most every day the Male Hummingbird will feed by hand.
He meets me half way when I bring new nectar.
He wants a drink before I can hang it back up.

The Female hurries
The Female will feed by hand if the Male is not around.
She usually hurries as he chases her if she gets close to me.

He sings to me
My favorite thing that the Male does is to sing to me.
I can now walk up to the Male without him leaving.
He always sings his lovely songs no matter where I go.
When he lands where we hang out and sings.
He makes me feel as though he is singing the songs just for me.

Always with me
He follows me around the yard from tree to tree.
He does not come down if someone else is with me.
When I am not alone he will call out a warning instead of his song.

He warns if the hawk is near
If a Cooper's Hawk or Sharp Shin is about.
Then as tiny as he is he will perch high in the tree.
He provides a continuous warning to the other birds from on high.

Click to Listen to the Hummingbird's warning
This audio is a warning from the Male Anna Hummingbird with some
Ringed Necked Doves in the background.
Notice the sound of his wings as he comes closer.

Trust in his eyes
He comes real close and will not let any other Hummers near me.
He looks me in my eyes with a feeling of trust.

Iridescent colors reflect
He is beautiful, this tiny little gem. He melts my heart to no end.

Just hanging out
The experience of his trust is awesome!
I feel as if he just wants to hang out with me.

A little time to stretch
This was so cute, I was lucky to capture this little stretch.

A little time to preen
He preens a little and does not mind that I watch.

A little time for an itch
He has a little itch that he needs to scratch.

A little need to check who is near
He never forgets his safety.

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